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Our Amazing Team



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Travelling, Reading.

Mr. Bhavesh Patel, with over two decades of rich experience in the International Pharmaceuticals Marketing is spread heading International Marketing and responsible for strengthening, introducing and establishing new international territories of businesses for Zuvius Lifescience. Along with International marketing for various formulations, he ensures relationship building and making tie-up for new markets, his other area of expertise and past experience includes API formulation for verity of generic drugs, and niche segment products like Immunology, Cardiology, Neurology and Oncology .

At Zuvius Lifesciences. Mr. Patel, leads International Marketing Department to tap Global Market and making new benchmarks set for Zuvius Brands of Oncology Products, he is quick to understand and adopt key situations, requirements and focus of the company and very swiftly redirects his attention to yield positive results for the company.

His expertise include

  • Negotiation with International Clients,
  • Team Management,
  • Identification of new arears or international territories and markets,
  • New product inquiries, regulatory requirements and business opportunities at International market,

With his negotiating skills, he invite all the potential global customers to partner with Zuvius Lifesciences oncology products.

He like to face higher challenges in life with positive attitude, and firm believer in the ethical practices. He has inserted the same ethics in his personal and professional life. 

But it’s never just all work and like to spend quality life with family!!!


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