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Mr. Swapnil Kamble, is a seasoned marketing professional with more than 12 years of experience, he started his marketing careerer from FMCG sector and shifted to Oncology and Pharmaceutical Industry for more than 8 years. Mr. Swapnil started his Oncology pharma marketing career as Junior Territory Sales Officer in 2008 with Zuvius Lifesciences and with his passion for travelling and marketing, he has garnered experience in handling business units, regions, P&L, Marketing and Sales with an in-depth understanding of the speciality and general pharma market, predominantly Oncology and reached to various new territories of West regions in fast paced manner and reached to the position of Regional Business Development Manager - West. He is successfully manages, handles and responsible for sales development and P&L for Maharastra and Mandhya Pradesh regions.

He manages and heads strategic marketing initiatives, promotional activities for oncology business, and assists in campaigning, new product launches, handling and meeting high profile Doctor's queries on products formulations and sales promotions. He is investing his time also in promoting effective customer management & negotiation with corporate clients and heads and developing other sales team members. 

He assist Director Marketing in team-building, his leadership qualities have helped create an efficient and insightful as support to core team that is involved in market access and institutional business follow-up.

His expertise include

  • Brand Management and Campaigning activities, 
  • Handling and in constant touch with High profile Doctors and understanding their requirements,
  • Team Management,
  • Identification of new markets,  new product inquiries, business opportunities and pass on to management with detail analysis,

Besides being an achiever in Oncology industry, he is also fond of travelling to new places, connecting socially and making new acquaintances, and enjoys all social gatherings and picnics.

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