Cancer Support Programme

Cancer Support Programme

Cancer Support Programme

It is tough being diagnosed with cancer. It can seem scary. We understand that. We listen, and help you believe in life again.

At Zuvius, we also understand the pains that the poor undergo during their treatment of cancer. Most are financially unstable; so much so that the treatment of even one family member can lead to the selling of ancestral property, possessions and savings. The problem is worsened when the earning member becomes a cancer victim.

To reach out to such people, and for those who cannot afford the total cost of the treatment, we have initiated our own aid programmes.


  • Zuvius has put a small step forward with their"Hope For Life Programme".This programme is run at certain cities in India and under the guidance and the observation of doctors, who are enrolled in this programme. 10 doctors from each state are selected to enrol their patients with Zuvius.
  • The Doctor identifies and enrols one of their patients every month for a full cycle of chemotherapy, and Zuvius provides this free of cost to the needy patients.



  • Zuvius tries using its "CAN CARE" Programme to assist in diagonalising poor & needy patients. Under "CAN CARE" programme, it associates with the Government hospitals who also attracts many poor and needy patients who cannot afford costly treatment of Cancer. Zuvius, in association with various NGOs, works hand-in-glove to help such kind of needy and poor patients. Here, the patients are provided chemotherapy at a very subsidized rate. Thousands of patients have benefited from this program thus far.
  • Zuvius has also participated in erecting an air-conditioned day-care centre in one of the leading Government hospitals, in Mumbai. The day-care centre has modern amenities and is equipped with the latest requirements of a modern day-care centre under its "CAN CARE" Programme.



    • Zuvius also understands that early diagnosis is a very important step towards treating cancer. Zuvius works with various NGOs under "Cancer Free Village on the Move Programme" to establish various facilities that can help in the treatment of cancer patients. In this regard, Zuvius has participated generously in building a mobile self-sufficient cancer diagnostic van which runs in various villages to detect cancer in those villagers.


Cancer free village move


  • Cancer awareness is necessary, but there are several myths doing the rounds. Zuvius runs various Cancer awareness programs by partaking in initiatives in collaboration by various doctors as well as prominent politicians, cancer social associations and NGOs. Zuvius had recently participated in"Cancer Walk", an initiative in the central suburb of Mumbai, and was supported by sitting MLA's. As part of Know Your Cancer Programme, Zuvius is associating and sponsoring campaign "Know Cancer to No Cancer".


Cancer Walk


Know your cancerKnow your cancer

Zuvius actively looks forward to working on similar programs and is keen on running such awareness campaigns across India. For further details please Contact Us

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