About us

About us

Zuvius Lifesciences  head quartered in Mumbai, India is an integrated; research based Pharmaceutical Company, focused on super specialty products. The company specializes in chemotherapeutic formulations offering a diverse array of innovative solutions and therapies each of which plays an important role in providing solace and comfort to people. Trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across the globe, the company is backed by the finest talents of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Zuvius Lifesciences , however, is defined in more compelling terms: sheer grit, the zeal to innovate and create products that stand out for their top-notch quality, and complete commitment to all stakeholders. Right from when they set out on their journey over a decade ago, the Directors—Mr. Nimish Thakkar, Mrs. Alka Chavan and Mr. Shailesh Shetty, were sure that their vision would not be clouded by merely running after numbers. This is perhaps one of the crucial factors that have led to Zuvius Lifesciences becoming one of the most promising pharmaceutical brands in India today. A couple of years into its inception, Zuvius got another feather in its cap when notable research scientist Dr Ulhas Ganu became part of the core team.

When . Where . What

  • 1995
  • 1996-2004
  • 2005
  • 2006-07
  • 2008-09
  • 2010-14
  • 2015-17


Where it all began

Our journey began in 1995. With a paltry initial capital amount, Nimish Thakker, our MD, started a medical distribution company in the name of Nimish Medical Services. We dealt solely in generic medical distribution catering to various Doctors and hospitals, covering central suburbs of Mumbai.


A period of steady growth

Slowly but steadily, Nimish Medical Services started growing, and venturing out into newer segments like Immunology, Cardiology, Gynecology, Neurology, Nephrology and finally - Oncology drugs. The firm shared monopoly of suppling such high end medicines pertaining to such a niche segments.  In this period Mrs. Alka Chavan  and Mr.Shailesh Shetty joined Nimish Medical Services and they as a team shared an excellent rapport with most of the consultants of this faculty. 


A broader vision

Life was good, and the business was flourishing. But the Team had something else in mind. In 2005, they sold off the brand name Nimish Medical Services, and shifted base to Ghatkopar, to set up a pharmaceutical company of their own.

..and a fresh beginning

That was the start of Zuvius Life Sciences as we know it.  The word  "Zuvius" was created by Nimish, and the team liked it too. ‘Zuvius’ exhales a ring of positivity, joy and optimism. Zuvius was built with a vision of spreading good health across the globe, and thereby emerging out as the most respected pharmaceutical brand in the industry, specializing in super speciality medicines.

Zuvius was started with just one product, and in less than a year, Zuvius consisted of 28 employees and had reached pan India operations.


A Serious Setback

However, it was not at all, a smooth sailing. Like any new start-up, Zuvius had its own share of problems. In 2006-07, we faced huge crisis that led to a crippling loss of crores of rupees.

We had a major delay in delivery for our anticancer formulations. Hefty Salaries and huge expenses of the marketing team were an ongoing cost. Later on, when the stocks arrived, the sales were not happening. The stocks were simply lying unsold, across India, at various stock points. 

With Heavy payouts and low inflows, Zuvius started sinking...........


Drowning in further setbacks

It was a devastating period, all the marketing and admin employees were leaving the organization. We ourselves were thinking of selling off the office space and going back to the 9 to 5 grind. All were depressed, we still remember the date it was 30th March 2008, we left for the day with a very heavy heart. All our confidence was shattered.     

Next day morning, we three of us met in the office. We cheered each other and thought of giving it one more try, as we had nothing more to loose. We sat across and thought hard on how to recover.  The only thing we had with us was our credibility in our industry.

The first thing to do was to get back the stock from the stock points. We sent out post dated cheques to our stock points across India as a refund, asking them to send back the stock. Only we knew that, we had no money in our account to honor those cheques. The only hope was to recover lost money by quickly selling off stock......... 


Coming back to life

The next few months were hectic. Along with manufacturing, Nimish himself handled the responsibility of sales and started travelling to West India and Alka traveled to East. Shailesh handled the office. It was a harrowing experience indeed, but both Nimish’s and Alka’s trips were successful. They found various distributors in these zones who supported them very nicely. Slowly and steadily both of them got enough orders and the once again a ray of hope started glimmering.

..and building trust.

These orders gave Zuvius a much needed breath of life. From there, there was no looking back. The hard work and integrity displayed by team at the time of the crisis had earned him the trust of many in the pharmaceutical industry. Zuvius was slowly on its way to again to stand erect and looking ahead to become the most respected brand of oncology medication in India.

We slowly increased our product range year on year. Many new molecules were launched first time in India in this period by Zuvius. As of 2015, we now have 70 oncology products in our range – which is ever growing.


Exploring new growth horizons

Backed by research and world-class manufacturing competencies, we are branching out into cutting-edge pharmaceutical across the spectrum. Zuvius is currently registering its oncology products in many countries in Africa, Latin America, CIS and South-East Asia. 


2016: Most Promising Brand

Zuvius Life science is honored to be "The Most Promising Pharmaceutical Brand of India for the year 2016" an event organised by World Consulting & Research Corporation (WCRC).


And the journey towards Growth shall continue...................


  • Values



    " Our yardstick of success being the glow of health on everyone’s faces "

    We are only as honest as our actions. Our core values define our corporate practices and demonstrate our commitment to improving patients' lives. We have developed our core values from our past life experiences. Our past has taught us to never give up.  

    Being Ethical, high levels of integrity, ensuring Quality, thereby delivering customer satisfaction and moving ahead are the core values that are integrated within the team of Zuvius Lifesciences. 

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  • Vision



    The day is not too far away, when People will say, “Cancer?, We are not worried; Zuvius Lifesciences is here.”

    Zuvius Lifesciences aims to be among the top five of the most trusted companies across the globe, recognized for its super-specialty and anticancer products.

    The Company is driven by its vision to become a global leader in research and drug development in the field of specialty medicines. Driven by its vision, the company reinvents itself to achieve sustained growth and leadership.

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  • Mission



    "Redefining Health, Rediscovering Life".

    Reaching out to the people who need us the most, are the people who we need the most. In our mission against Cancer, we have the backing of a highly qualified professional team which understands every need. The Team also bring with themselves the inherent visionary zeal to keep on trying harder, to keep on innovating. Their efforts will help people rediscover the joys of life, without the shadows of despair.


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  • Leadership



    "True leaders know that they are born for a purpose. Society is their laboratory. They experiment and display various leadership skills which benefit society as a whole"

    Our Management team is led by our CMD, Mr. Nimish Thakker, and consists of respected industry leaders and visionaries who share a common passion for discovery, innovation and excellence. Cumulatively, their innovative leadership is what continuously drives us to maintain our competitive advantage within the pharmaceutical industry. Under the leadership of Mr. Thakker, Zuvius Lifesciences continues and aims to expand its horizon, looking forward to joint ventures with several partners, national and international, for clinical trials and distribution of their quality range of oncological products.

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  • Our Amazing Team

    Our Amazing Team


    At Zuvius, it is, quite literally, all for one and one for all!

    Spearheaded by Mr. NimishThakker, the Zuvius team consists of doctors, employees, researchers, developers, store managers and manufacturers. Each and every person is essential for the ultimate success of the company and its products, and they know that.

    Zuvius believes in a culture of symbiosis, or mutual benefit. We work together to maintain goodwill and an amiable atmosphere. This not only helps personal and professional relations, but also strengthens and improves the business and production processes.


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  • CMD message

    CMD message


    "Know Cancer to No Cancer”

    Welcome  to the world of Zuvius Lifesciences !!! 

    We, at  Zuvius specialize in chemotherapeutic formulations, offering a diverse array of  innovative solutions and therapies, each of which play an important role in  providing solace and comfort to people.

    The  Zuvius corporate culture is characterized by its ability to adapt quickly to our customer needs and requirements.

    Our  team unity is the key growth factor that has helped us to reach such great heights.  

    "Know Cancer to No Cancer” is our message to the society. The battle against cancer is a  collective effort.

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  • About CSR

    About CSR


    Zuvius believes in giving back to the world, especially the poor and underprivileged, in its own special way.

    As a respected Corporate Citizen of India, Zuvius and its Management Team, understand and take responsibility to take initiative and take active part in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity: 

    Under CSR activity Zuvius aims to "To take part and actively contribute and generate awareness in general and specially among backward and weaker section of the society, that "Cancer is Curable" and they should not loose hope and fight against cancer".


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  • Dr. S. S. Alurkar

    Medical Oncologist, Apollo Hospital, Ahemdabad, India

    Zuvius lifescience has a wide range of quality oncological products which are available on regular basis. The products are extremely well maintained and effective.

  • Dr. Anand Guddur

    Raditation Oncologist, Krishna Karad Hospital, Karad, Maharastra, India

    Zuvius has got the widest range of oncological products. The storage conditions are extremely well maintained and the products are of high quality.

  • Dr. Anil Heroor

    Surgical Oncologist, Head Surgical Dept. Fortis Hospital Mulund, Mumbai, India

    Zuvius is a highly professional company, with dedicated team and excellent range of product oncological and nutraceutical products. The products are highly effective.

  • Dr. Jigna Bhattacharaya

    Radiation Oncology, GCRI Hospital, Ahemdabad, India

    I have been using Zuvius products for my patients for more than 3 years. The Quality of the products is excellent and the results are highly effective.

  • Dr. Kausthubh Kulkarni

    Surgical Oncology, Sursuha Hospital, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

    Zuvius has a wide range of oncological products, which are of excellent quality. No product complaints since last 5 years. Please keep it up.

  • Dr. Kinjal Jani

    Radiation , CIMS Cancer Care Hospital, Ahemdabad, India

    I have been recommending my patients to use zuvius product for more than three years and our patients are satisfied by their product quality is highly effective. The organisation also see to it that the products are provided on right time.

  • Dr. Reshma Pawar

    Surgical Oncology, Kolhapur Cancer Clinic, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

    The organisation is highly committed towards their customer and are welcoming and friendly Excellent product quality. .I wish them good luck for their future endeavours.

  • Dr. S V Ahankari

    Raditation Oncology, Civil hospital sanglu, Sangli, Maharashtra, India

    I am recommending Zuvius oncological range of products to my patients and, till date there is no complaint from my patient regarding quality. The products are regularly available, and my experience has been very satisfying.

  • Dr. Amit Gandhi

    Surgical Oncology, Personal Clinic, Parel, Maharashtra, India

    We have been using Zuvius products for my patients since last 4 years and I am very satisfied with the quality and the effectiveness of the products. Zuvius products are highly effective, and we have not had even a single product complaint till date.

  • Dr. Shilpa Gupta

    Hemato Oncology, Vedanta Hospital , Malad, Mumbai, India

    I have been recommending my patients to use zuvius product for a year now, the products are of good quality and are available on regular basis. The organisation is highly committed and are friendly towards their customers.

  • Dr. Suraj Pawar

    Surgical Oncology, Kolhapur Cancer Clinic, Kolhapur, Maharashtra , India

    Zuvius products are highly effective and none of my patients had experienced any complaints since last 7 years.

  • Dr. Tejindar Singh

    Medical Oncology, Fortis Hospital Mulund/Vashi, Mulund, Mumbai , India

    About Zuvius, everything is excellent. Widest range, High quality and very effective products, No product complaints, committed and dedicated team.

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