Meet Rachit, Who Beat Cancer and Did the Unthinkable

/ June 28, 2017 /

It’s no easy task to wade through cancer but it proves tougher when you lose a limb with it. But this cancer survivor has never let the loss of his arm stop him from reaching newer heights.


Rachit Kulshrestha is a 30-year old entrepreneur who has published poems and scaled a 13,500-foot mountain twice. The story behind this passionate man’s journey to success is a mix of adversity and persistence. Rachit was five when he was diagnosed with cancer and a year later, doctors were left with no choice but to amputate his left arm. Initially, he struggled to fit in and often, fellow students would make fun of him.

The loss of his arm caused him to miss out on many opportunities in school.

Growing up, he began to view his disability in a different light and soon, he was embracing his obstacles, by making jokes about it. He pushed himself harder to reach his goals and after relentless training, it paid off. He was selected to play as a goalkeeper at the inter-school level. Many people underestimated him and this was seen at one of the tournaments. The opposing team’s captain, on seeing Rachit, felt confident that his team would win. But that match ended with Rachit’s team taking the trophy home. For Rachit, this was all he needed to confirm that there wasn’t anything stopping him.

In an attempt to experience a variety of roles, Rachit worked many odd jobs, from bartending, waiting at a hotel, working at a call centre, managing a hotel and more. He travelled a lot and spend half a year selling his poems in Goa. His talent in weaving words earned him a name. He went on to host the prestigious Indian Inclusion Summit, a platform that brings awareness on including people with disabilities and drives action to do the same. Rachit realised his passion when working as an assistant director for a film and soon after, he opened a post production agency in Pune and named it ‘Secret Locators’.

In 2014, 27-year-old Rachit was diagnosed with cancer. However, he beat cancer for the second time soon after or as he likes to put it, "my invisible hand is always showing the invisible finger to cancer!" Rachit’s only wish is that people stop looking at him with sympathy in their eyes. He has achieved more in 30 years than many can't imagine fulfilling in a lifetime. Surely, there should be wonderment in their eyes, rather than pity. Rachit Kulshrestha is living proof that no obstacle is too large to knock down.

Rachit has a vision of motivating people facing any kind of challenges in life and aspires to become a motivational speaker. A message he believes will empower people is, "Whatever life throws at you, keep in mind that it's a phase. Just hang in there and it will pass. And remember to let it go once it's over. Enjoy life at each step, for life is beautiful."

You can get in touch with Rachit at

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